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海外地区(新加坡/马来西亚)常见问题    Q&A For Overseas Area (Singapore/Malaysia)


  • 選擇喜愛的商品顏色/尺寸/數量加入購物車
  • 進入結帳畫面後,您可以變更已加入的商品數量或刪除
  • 選擇配送地區及付款方式,並填寫訂購資訊
  • 進入信用卡交易頁面,請留意輸入的信用卡號、到期日以及卡片背後末3碼是否正確 
  • 訂購完成後,SPORT PRO會寄訂單成立通知信件至您的會員信箱
  • 提醒您,海外訂單恕無提供退換貨服務,請詳細確認訂購內容及明細  


How to order?

-Select the items you like with color,size,and amount,add to "shopping cart".

-At the checkout section,information of your selected items will be displayed.You may edit your order at this time.When you are happy with your order,process to check out. 

-Confirm the information of your selected items and choose the delivery area and payment methods.

-The final stage of the checkout is the payment section. Please carefully fulfill your credit card number. 

-Once you've placed your order, you'll be taken to a confirmation page. You'll also receive a confirmation of order e-mail to your registered SPORT PRO  e-mail address. 

-We can't provide return service for foreign orders. Please confirm the order and product details when placing an order.



  • 海外訂單付款方式為信用卡線上刷卡(目前接受卡別VISA、 MasterCard、 JCB)

Payment method

Please pay by credit card online. We accept VISA, MasterCard ,JCB.

***Questions about your credit card verification code, please contact your credit card company.***



  • 商品一律以台幣結算,匯率依據銀行請款日匯率計算 

How is the price calculated?

Commodities are settled in Taiwanese currency, and the exchange rate is calculated based on the exchange rate on the bank’s request date.



  • 請使用商店幣別功能(計算機版位於網頁右上角)(手機版位於左上角選單最下方)選擇後,商品會自動計算概略的指定幣別價格  

What price for MYR/SGD ?

Please use the store currency function (the computer version is located in the upper right corner of the webpage) (the mobile version is located at the bottom of the menu in the upper left corner). After selection, the product will automatically calculate the approximate specified currency price (please refer to the image below)



  • 不論重量,運費統一為NT$250
  • 訂單滿額NT$5000即享有免國際物流運費

Shipping charges

Unlimited weight,shipping charges are NT$250.(ABOUT 10.7SGD / 30.9MYR)

Free shipping for single order over NT$5000.


  • 商品页除特殊注明以外,尺码皆为亚洲标准尺码,依据紧身或宽松版型不同,商品页内都有商品尺寸表,与穿着的身高/体重/罩杯的建议尺码表可以参考

How to choose the size?

Unless otherwise specified, the product pages are of Asian standard size. Depending on the tight or loose version, the product page has a product size chart. The recommended size chart for wearing height/weight/cup can be referenced.


  • 由台湾出货,国际物流运送,约5天(不含假日)可送达指定地址
  • 东马因物流配送问题,约7天(不含假日) 可送达指定地址

How are the goods shipped? How long can it be delivered?

Shipped by Taiwan, international logistics delivery, about 5 days (excluding holidays) can be delivered to the designated address
East Malaysian logistics and distribution issues, about 7 days (excluding holidays) can be delivered to the designated address



  • 商品订购成功后,会收到" [SPORT PRO] Thank you for your order"通知信,点击信件中的"订单链接"按钮,即可查询
  • 若是第一次购买(未加入会员状态),会有一封"请设立帐户密码"通知信,点击信件中的"设定密码"按钮,即可设定您的登入密码。
  • 登入会员状态下,即可查询订单相关信息。

How do I know if I have successfully ordered? How can I check the status of my order?

After the order is successfully ordered, you will receive the "[SPORT PRO] Thank you for your order" notification letter. Click the "Order Link" button in the letter to query.
If you are purchasing for the first time (not joined the membership status), there will be a "Please set up an account password" notification letter, click the "Set Password" button in the letter to set your login password.
You can check the order related information by logging in to the member status.



  • 您可以到登入会员页面的最下方"忘记密码"进行重新设定。

What should I do if my password is forgotten?

You can reset it by going to the "Forgot Password" at the bottom of the login page.



  • 您的mail信箱可能有打错(例如.TW打成.TE、.COM打成.CON)
  • 您使用的是YAHOO信箱(容易被归类为垃圾信件)

Why didn't I receive the shipping notice?

Your mail address may be mistyped (for example, .TW is marked as .TE, .COM is marked as .CON)
You are using a YAHOO mailbox (easily classified as junk mail)



  • 因国际物流与关税申报等问题,台湾以外海外地区,不提供退换货服务,请于订购前特别留意尺寸问题。

Can the product be returned/exchanged?

Due to issues such as international logistics and customs declaration, overseas exchanges outside Taiwan do not provide return service. Please pay special attention to the size before ordering.



  • 商品若有重大瑕疵:我们会直接为您补发新品,运费由我们负担。
    • 瑕疵商品不需退回,可以保留或丢弃。
    • 线头、轻微脱线、极小污点、尺寸2~3cm误差、扣眼未开、屏幕色差或商品拍摄环境光源造成的些许颜色差异,在国际验货标准皆属可接受的范围,故非瑕疵,不得做为重大瑕疵退换之因由。
  • 商品寄错:我们会直接为您补发新品,运费由我们负担。

What if the product has defective/missing goods?

If there is a major flaw in the merchandise: we will reissue the new product directly for you, and the freight will be borne by us.

defect Products do not need to be returned, they can be retained or discarded.

The thread head, slight off-line, very small stain, size 2~3cm error, buttonhole not open, screen color difference or some color difference caused by the ambient light source of the product are all acceptable in the international inspection standard, so it is not allowed. As a major cause of return.
The goods are sent incorrectly: we will reissue the new products directly for you, and the freight will be borne by us.






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